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IP Licensing

  • eSports is Coming and You Better Have a Plan to Embrace It
    Competitive gaming has existed almost as long as videogames have themselves. Over recent years however, eSports has exploded in popularity to become the mainstream spectator sport that it is today. 2016 was a huge year for eSports and 2017 shows no signs of it slowing down. With a predicted year-on-year ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-08-23By Dave Collins
  • How To Establish A World-Class Corporate Brand Licensing Program: Part Two
    A well-functioning corporate licensing program can help a brand to expand into new categories and territories, adapting to new trends and a changing marketplace. However, setting up such a program takes hard work and ongoing care. In the first installment of this three-part series (available here), I commenced a survey and ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-07-27By Oliver Herzfeld
  • Childrenswear: A Key Driver for the Global Licensing Industry
    Utku Tansel, Strategy Analyst – Licensing As explored in Euromonitor International’s “Global Licensing Trends in Children’s Apparel and Footwear” report, characters dominate children’s fashion licensing as the majority of these franchises target children. After children  pass the age of eight, other licensing types provide fiercer competition to character   licensing including ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-07-26By Utku Tansel
  • Is Your Licensing Growth Strategy Better Than Harry Potter?
    I recently watched a webinar put on by the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) on Reframing the Ways Brands Grow, and it got me thinking. What is a brand? It’s not just a product or a service any more. It can be a TV series, a political party, even ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-07-20By Steve Sparacino
  • Summer Reading: The LIMA Marketing Edition
    Summer is here!  That means vacations, pool/beach time and the need for some new reading suggestions.  LIMA’s marketing duo is here to help. CHRISTINA’S RECOMMENDATIONS Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – How to Tell Your Story in a Nosiy Social World – Gary Vaynerchuck “News has little value on ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-06-27By LIMA Marketing
  • Top Five Trends Shaping Character Licensing in Asia Pacific
    Utku Tansel, Strategy Analyst – Licensing, Euromonitor International Asia Pacific was the top region in the world in terms of disposable income and expenditure growth during the period of 2011-2016. While Asia evolves as the global leader in population, production and consumption, manufacturers across many industries are looking into ways ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-06-21By Utku Tansel
  • The Value of Video Marketing
    Did you know video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019? According to, “you want to take big creative steps forward in establishing your business within the video internet marketing revolution. What used to be a future reality conversation held only in ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-06-19By Steve Sparacino
  • Identifying a Great Developer or Publisher for Your License
    Video games on mobile devices, PC’s, and consoles have a tremendous reach now and engage users far more than ever before. And that’s quite a feat. Let’s dispel some old ways of thinking first and then we will go through some simple steps to find a great partner for your license. “Video ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-06-12By Jay Powell
  • Legal Beef: Benihana In A Licensing Battle Over The ‘Beni Burger’
    It all started with an unauthorized hamburger. Well, actually, it all started in 1964 when Hiroaki “Rocky” Aoki opened a chain of iconic Benihana restaurants. The restaurants feature teppanyaki cooking, a dinner entertainment style of cuisine where chefs theatrically prepare meals at an iron griddle located tableside. Sometime after Aoki’s ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-05-19By Oliver Herzfeld
  • Licensing the Right of Publicity: A Primer
    By: Jonathan L. Faber Licensing refers to a transaction involving intellectual property. While trademarks, copyright, and patents are familiar, the Right of Publicity also is the centerpiece of many licensing transactions.  The state-based Right of Publicity ensures control over most commercial uses of one’s persona.  Like copyright, the right generally ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-05-01By Jonathan Faber
  • Beauty and Personal Care Offers Further Opportunities in Licensing
    By: Utku Tansel, Strategy Analyst – Licensing As I explore in our “Global Licensing Trends in Beauty and Personal Care” Global Briefing, Licensing is becoming an important factor across many categories. While fashion houses’ sales in the industry continue to grow, character franchises are driving licensing in baby and child-specific ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-04-13By Utku Tansel
  • Protecting Cannabis Brand Names
    By Oliver Herzfeld and Jared Mermelstein “Marijuana’s classification as an illegal substance makes brand protection under trademark law problematic and uncertain. But it is not impossible for cannabis companies to protect their brands. It just takes some creative problem-solving!” This article originally appeared in Forbes. As a growing number of ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-04-04By Oliver Herzfeld
  • A Note from London
    I’m sure I was not alone yesterday in receiving a good many email, text and WhatsApp messages from licensing friends, colleagues and contacts wishing me to be safe and well away from the London terrorist attack. I thank all of you for your care and concern. In fact, I was ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-03-23By Kelvyn Gardner
  • How To Establish A World-Class Corporate Brand Licensing Program
    This article originally appeared in Forbes.   Licensing programs are an important commercial tool for corporate brand owners, enabling them to derive significant rewards from granting third parties the right to use their trademarks. In addition to generating new revenue streams, licensors benefit from: strengthened relationships, reinforced brand values and ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-02-16By Oliver Herzfeld
  • Asia Pacific Offers Good Opportunities in Apparel, Personal Accessories and Toys Licensing
    Utku Tansel, Strategy Analyst – Licensing As I explore in Euromonitor International’s “Key Character Licensing Trends Shaping Apparel, Personal Accessories and Toys in Asia Pacific” Global Briefing, Asia Pacific is a promising region where growing populations, rising disposable incomes, expanding middle classes and rapid urbanisation are all driving growth in ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-02-06By Utku Tansel
  • Louis Vuitton v. My Other Bag: No License Required
    This article originally appeared in Forbes. Using another’s trademark on your goods and services usually requires a license. However, there are exceptions to that general rule. For example, under certain circumstances, you are not required to obtain a license in connection with trademark uses for purposes of parody. The recent ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-01-09By Oliver Herzfeld
  • Licensing Industry Is Ready for the Next “Frozen”
    Utku Tansel, Strategy Analyst – Licensing – The astonishing success of “Frozen” clearly proved that the licensing landscape is still far from saturated and there is still scope for the development of successful new properties as well as existing evergreen franchises as I also explore in Euromonitor International’s “Licensing: A ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2017-01-06By Utku Tansel
  • What Does the New “Unfair Contract Terms” Legislation for Small Business Mean for Australia?
    From 12 November 2016, a new law will protect small business in Australia from unfair contractual terms.  The law covers ‘standard form contracts’ that are prepared by one party and presented on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis, where: At least one of the parties is a small business ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2016-12-13By Stuart Gibson
  • LIMA India Networking Success
    LIMA held its first festive networking event in India on Thursday, December 8 at Opa! Bar & Café in Mumbai. Over 25 delegates comprised of both LIMA members and non-members were in attendance. This event was one with purpose, with professionals from the licensing industry networking with different types of ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2016-12-10By Rutika Malaviya
  • Licensing Cross-industry Potential Presents Untapped Opportunities
    Euromonitor International estimates that while the combined value of industries that offer potential for licensing amounts to almost US$7 trillion globally, arguably the most licensable categories within these industries generate as much as US$3.5 trillion in combined overall global retail sales. The following categories could debatably be among the most ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2016-12-08By Utku Tansel
  • How SnapChat is Beneficial for Branding, Marketing, and Licensing
    According to Convince & Convert, SnapChat in the past 12 months, has grown its awareness rate from 60% to 72% amongst Americans 12 and older. This is just one benign statistic of how powerful SnapChat can be to your marketing, and branding efforts. In comparison to other Social Media ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2016-12-05By Steve Sparacino
  • My View: Inagural Nordic Licensing Conference in Helsinki
    I’m just back from representing LIMA at the inaugural Nordic Brand Licensing Market. Held in Helsinki, Finland, the event was organised by AGMA, the Finnish Association for Agents and Managers in the Creative Industries. For some years now AGMA has been at the forefront of promoting licensing in their home ... Read More
    Source: LicensingPublished on 2016-11-30By Kelvyn Gardner