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INTELLEPEDIA is an encyclopedia of intellectual property news aggregated, processed and categorized for the benefit of  persons with disabilities, specifically blindness. The website puts together news in simple text format, which is devoid of hurdles to easy browsing with screen readers. The content on the portal is aggregated for making intellectual property news accessible under fair dealing provisions of copyright and other laws for persons with blindness.

The website is sponsored and powered by The Cane Foundation, a charitable trust formed to fight disability in all forms.

The Thought Behind INTELLEPEDIA

Most online resources are not access friendly for screen reader users, and the situation is not different  with IP news portals, websites and blogs. Structure, advertising, images, organisation of data, and other elements make the websites and other online resources very difficult for a person with visual disability to  browse them easily and quickly. The differences in organisation of data on each website adds to the challenge.

INTELLEPEDIA attempts to resolve the said problem by aggregating processed content from different sources in a  simple, access friendly format.