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  • Stan Lee: Writer, Creator, And Marketer Of Intellectual Property
    Dave Davis writes: As the many and well-deserved accolades for Stan Lee pour in on the occasion of his death after a career in content creation —mostly in writing— that spanned six decades, I thought now might be a suitable moment to add an additional perspective. I’m focusing on his ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-12By Intellectual Property Watch
  • Is Pirate Party MEP Coordinating with Group Committing Criminal Charity Fraud?
    Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda has been touting a dubious online petition against article 13.  Despite claims to be acting on behalf of internet “users” the petition seems to be a fundraising effort by a “charity” group operating the website SaveTheInternet.Info. gofund me page claims the group is a ... Read More
    Source: The TrichordistPublished on 2018-12-12By Dr. David C Lowery
  • Update and Comment on Blacklock’s Latest Move and Mega Motion: Be Careful What You Wish For?
    ( )Blacklock’s will be back in the Federal Court tomorrow on December 12, 2018 at 90 Sparks St. in Ottawa at 9:30 AM with a “mega” motion record of almost 3,000 pages. Blacklock’s is certainly very determined.It badly lost a Federal Court case alleging copyright infringement in 2016, which it ... Read More
    Source: EXCESS COPYRIGHTPublished on 2018-12-12By Howard Knopf
  • The Christmas Monster Plagiarism Story
    In November 2017, John Lewis, a UK retailer, released a holiday ad featuring Moz the Monster, a monster that hid under the bed of a child. However, though the child initially wanted to be rid of him, the two forged a friendship that many found extremely touching. The original ... Read More
    Source: Plagiarism TodayPublished on 2018-12-11By Jonathan Bailey
  • Indigenous Knowledge Misappropriation: The Case Of The Zia Sun Symbol Explained At WIPO
    In 1925, New Mexico, which gained statehood in the United States in 1912, adopted a design for its flag featuring a sun symbol belonging to the Zia peoples. And according to the tribe, the symbol was secret and stolen from the Zia, who lost both ownership and control over it, ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-11By Catherine Saez
  • The State of Canadian Copyright: My Copyright Review Appearance Before the Industry Committee
    With the Industry committee’s copyright review winding down, I appeared yesterday before the committee to discuss the state of Canadian copyright. The wide ranging two hour discussion focused on everything from fair dealing to crown copyright to concerns that publishers don’t fairly compensate authors for their digital licensing revenues. My ... Read More
    Source: Michael GeistPublished on 2018-12-11By Michael Geist
  • Traditional Knowledge, Folklore: How To Protect Them From Misappropriation – This Week At WIPO
    The ways to protect traditional knowledge and folklore against misuse and misappropriation are under discussion this week at the World Intellectual Property Organization. Member states are trying to find consensus on draft articles of a potential treaty, with a focus on core subjects, such as the scope of protection, and ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-10By Catherine Saez
  • If I Could Copyright… My Book: Copyrights and Writers (Part 5)
    As stated in our earlier posts, copyright registration is not mandatory, as copyright comes into existence the moment a work is expressed in a tangible form. However, writers are generally advised to get copyright registration for the work to make sure that the ownership of the work is duly established ... Read More
    Source: BIP CounselsPublished on 2018-12-10By BananaIP Reporter
  • European Commission Introduces Its Inaugural IP “Watch List”
    Echoing the United States' Special 301 Report on alleged inadequacy of trading partners’ protection of US intellectual property rights, the European Commission has released its first ever Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List, which exposes rogue cyberlockers, stream-ripping sites as well as peer-to-peer and BitTorrent indexing sites among the threats to ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-10By Emmanuel Legrand
  • Boaty McBoatface Uses Fight For the Future Dialer Tool to Lobby Rand Paul on HR 1695 from…Scotland — Music Technology Policy
    MusicTechPolicy is reporting that the Google astroturf group “Fight For the Future” is deploying robo call tools against US. Senators. Google is again trying to hack our democracy.  Fortunately Scottish anti-astroturf superhero Boaty McBoatFace the is on the case.   We’ve said for years that Google shills use a variety ... Read More
    Source: The TrichordistPublished on 2018-12-09By Dr. David C Lowery
  • Settlement in the Anish Kapoor-N.R.A. Lawsuit
    Story here.  Background here.  Kapoor declares victory.  On the other side, the N.R.A. says the suit was "baseless" but that "it agreed to remove the image 'to avoid the cost and distraction of litigation.' It also said that the settlement does not require the group to pay Mr. Kapoor any ... Read More
    Source: The Art Law BlogPublished on 2018-12-09By Donn Zaretsky
  • Open Source – A business reality
    First Publication Date: 5th October 2010 Open source has today become a necessity for most businesses. It is estimated that 99 percent of all companies using software use atleast one open source component. The business value added by open source products makes them inevitable for every company. In addition to ... Read More
    Source: BIP CounselsPublished on 2018-12-08By BananaIP Reporter
  • South Africa Parliament Passes Sweeping Copyright Bill; Final Step Expected In New Year
    South Africa’s National Assembly this week approved redrafted versions of the Performers' Protection Amendment Bill and the Copyright Amendment Bill that includes stronger protections for copyright holders but also a fair use provision preserving some exceptions. But there is still an additional hurdle to go before it reaches the President ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-07By Linda Daniels
  • Friday’s Endnotes – 12/07/18
    U.S. Instrument of Accession to the Berne Convention – An Untold Story — In one sense, the U.S. joins a treaty when the President signs it and the Senate concurs. But in a strictly formal sense, joining a treaty requires depositing the accession instrument with the treaty body—in the case ... Read More
    Source: CopyhypePublished on 2018-12-07By Terry Hart
  • THE COPYKAT backs Schrödinger’s cat
    Some strong words in a letter from Lord Michael Grade on YouTube's position on Article 13 and EU copyright law reform in the Financial Times, with a touch of Brexit to spice it all up. Noting that creativity is something Britain does particularly well at, "and, with the uncertainties of Brexit ... Read More
    Source: The 1709 BlogPublished on 2018-12-07By Ben
  • Weekly Copyright News: Fan’s Facebook Page is Back, PIL Filed Against Kedarnath, Fox News Wins Copyright Suit, Tatasky New Partner and More
    Ilaiyaraja Threatens Legal Action for Non-Payment of Royalties, Fan’s Facebook Account Reactivated After BCCI Copyright Row, Another PIL Filed Against Kedarnath for Hurting ‘Hindu Sentiments’, Qatar Requests WTO Proceedings Against Saudi Arabia’s IP Violations, Gayle Awarded AUD 300,000 In Defamation Claim Against Fairfax Media, Russian IP Courts Set to Use ... Read More
    Source: BIP CounselsPublished on 2018-12-07By BananaIP Reporter
  • Report: Core Copyright Industries Add $1.3 Trillion To US Economy
    Core copyright industries have contributed more than $1.3 trillion to US gross domestic product (GDP) in 2017, and accounted for 6.85% of the US economy. They employed nearly 5.7 million workers in 2017, accounting for 3.85% of the entire US workforce, or 4.54% of total private employment in the United ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-07By Emmanuel Legrand
  • At This Point We Have to ask Ourselves: is Google Opposed to Article 13 or the Nation State Itself? PT 3
    This is very rough.  I feel an urgency to get this all out to the public. Why? Currently there are at least three major and coordinated efforts by Silicon Valley (well mostly Google) to undermine regulations and authority of national governments.  The EU copyright Directive, The Canadian Copyright Consultation and ... Read More
    Source: The TrichordistPublished on 2018-12-07By Dr. David C Lowery
  • Poetry Plagiarism in the Age of Twitter
    Just a few weeks ago, Ailey O’Toole seemed like a poet ready to become a breakout star. Her publisher had nominated her poem Gun Metal for a Pushcart Prize and her first collection had been successfully Kickstarted with 73 backers kicking in $1,628 to get Grief and What Comes After into ... Read More
    Source: Plagiarism TodayPublished on 2018-12-06By Jonathan Bailey
  • EU Members Push For Private Censorship Of Terrorist Content On The Internet
    Big platform providers and small hosters alike shall be obliged to censor, according to a draft regulation presented by the European Commission in mid-September and accepted by EU member states at their Council meeting today. ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-06By Monika Ermert
  • Towards WIPO Regional Seminars On Copyright Exceptions: Looking Out For Users
    Twelve years after the first proposal on the topic, it’s time to speed up the discussion about the global copyright limitations and exceptions regime, advocates and officials said alongside negotiations at the World Intellectual Property Organization last week. And a key focus will be on regional meetings being planned by ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-06By Beatrice Marone
  • “Why Are You Recommending Notice and Takedown?”: The Canadian Bar Association’s Puzzling Position at the Copyright Review
    The Canadian Bar Association appeared before the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology earlier this week as part of the nearly-concluded copyright review. The CBA submitted an odd brief that focused on a mix of issues, including anti-counterfeiting, notice-and-notice, and artists’ resale rights. The notice-and-notice comments captured the attention ... Read More
    Source: Michael GeistPublished on 2018-12-06By Michael Geist
  • Google, YouTube Accused Of Disinformation, Scaremongering By European Authors
    European creators are alleging a scaremongering campaign by YouTube, and more than 30 entities representing creators in France say Google and YouTube are leading a massive fake information campaign against the European copyright directive currently under discussion in order to protect their commercial interests. ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-06By Catherine Saez
  • ‘Hommage au fromage’ or how the CJEU said farewell to Heks’nkaas by excluding copyright protection for works of taste
    Eugénie CocheOn 13 November 2018, the CJEU clarified the scope of EU copyright law by excluding works of taste from copyright protection. This marks the end of a three-year long dispute, which arose in 2015 between two cheese producers and was based on the idea that the taste of a ... Read More
    Source: Kluwer Copyright BlogPublished on 2018-12-05
  • Understanding Common Knowledge
    When students ask me about plagiarism and citation issues, two questions inevitably come up: “How do I have to change to not be accused of plagiarism?” (A question I addressed here) “Do I have to cite X?”Since failure to cite information is not seen as serious as failure to ... Read More
    Source: Plagiarism TodayPublished on 2018-12-04By Jonathan Bailey
  • It Appears a YouTube Employee is Behind Campaign to Recruit Children to Lobby Against Article 13
    I’m adding to MusicTechPolicy’s excellent article on how YouTube appears to be directly appealing to teens and pre-teens via YouTube to oppose Article 13.  Since MTP published this story we found this slideshow.  It provides YouTubers and YouTube channels with false facts and instructs them on how to spread misinformation ... Read More
    Source: The TrichordistPublished on 2018-12-04By Dr. David C Lowery
  • Defending Fair Use In South Africa
    Sean Flynn, Peter Jaszi, Mike Carroll write: On Wednesday the South African National Assembly vote on the Copyright Amendment Bill, which includes a new “fair use” right. The publishing industry is marking the occasion by circulating an alarmist petition that the legislation will have a “direct and detrimental impact on ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-04By Intellectual Property Watch
  • Putting The Balance Back Into Copyright: Fair Use And South African Copyright Reform
    Eve Gray and Desmond Oriakhogba write: The publishing industry is making a mad dash to defeat South Africa’s adoption of a fair use rights in Parliament on Wednesday. Their latest effort includes an alarmist petition being circulated among authors. It is interesting to note that, while one of the most ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-04By Intellectual Property Watch
  • US IP Stakeholders Seek To Strengthen Public Support For IP, Ensure Future US Competitiveness
    NEW YORK -- United States intellectual property stakeholders from academic, business and legal backgrounds gathered recently to discuss how to increase public support to strengthen the intellectual property rights system in the US, in light of China’s steady rise in numbers of patent and trademark filings. US IP stakeholders argued ... Read More
    Source: IP WatchPublished on 2018-12-04By David Branigan
  • Licensing of software does not give rise to patent exhaustion
    First Publication Date: 20th September 2010 The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit clarified the legal confusion that was existing on the application of the first sale doctrine or doctrine of patent exhaustion with respect to software licenses. The Court clarified that the exclusive distribution right is ... Read More
    Source: BIP CounselsPublished on 2018-12-04By BananaIP Reporter